Thursday, May 16, 2013

BHSK @ red bull ride n style 2013: surprise with addison zawada, mile mathia, and matt montoya

this grouping makes sense. these three really caught me off guard because i really didn't think they were going to show up. hell, i think the majority of us didn't know all three of these dudes would run the course. get more after the jump, yo.

if you recognize the name, then you're probably wondering what the hell he's doing in the FGFS category. addison's name has rung synonymous with the redbull mindrome so you would expect him to do the track portion. well he did. then he threw on some 26" wheels and showed that boothby wasn't the only one with backflips. you could tell he came from a bmx background, because these things were tweaked!

i personally havent seen miles mathia since.... well... the last redbull ride n style. if you forgot who he was, 2 years ago he's put up the most memorable edits in my mind. he's done southern safari with kareem too. but to be honest, we really haven't seen him. that being said, dude still charges at everything crazy fast earning him a spot in the top 10. he was easily doing 3's off the big box a few feet higher than everyone else.

this was the biggest surprise for me. i knew matt has been off the FGFS bike for the longest time. every time i see him around town, he's on a bmx bike. hell, in his absence he even put up a skate edit. A SKATE EDIT. i even saw the guy selling off his parts. you seriously had to pick my jaw up off the ground when he rolled through on his skylmt. yes friends, matt montoya is back on a fixed drivetrain.


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