Thursday, May 16, 2013

BHSK @ red bull ride n style 2013: congo

but jmik, congo didnt make top 10. well yeah, but i fucked up the order and now congo is getting his own damn post. got a problem with that? because i don't. why? find out after the jump.

like addison and matt reyes, congo did double duty in entering both the track portion and the FGFS portion. in fact, he made it quite far but snapped his chain. that's the second time he's been let down in the track portion (the first time out, he got taken out by the banked corner). he deserves his own damn post.  that being said, i love how he basically went "fuck it, i'll do my run in my bib". not only that he was RIPPING. that table is soooooo good. soooo good.


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