Saturday, March 30, 2013

the frequented parks: matt montoya for halloway

The Oaks with Montoya from Matthew Montoya on Vimeo.
it has seriously been a long time since we've see the name "matt montoya" grace this here temple of internet mediocrity. if you didn't know, matt stepped away from FGFS and started riding bmx. but jmik, he's on a skatebo- shut up, i'm getting to it. he's made a move to skateboarding too, an activity he's been absent from for 4 years or so. 1) that park is cutty yet fun. i'm super surprised none of the bike heads ever go there. i've been going for the past week and it's fun as balls. 2) dude can skate. seriously, is there anything matt montoya can't do on wheels? 3) support the local locals, like halloway. i wore their internationally famous shirt to an airport. TSA loves shirts that have AK's and opium and cocaine and stuff printed on it. prime stuff if you ask me.


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