Wednesday, April 3, 2013

that's a bigass chainring: brent atkins roller speed record attempt

i'm not completely sure how i found this guy in the dark reaches of the internets, but i did. so this rider, brent atkins took a stab at the roller speed record of 202 kph (which is 125 miles per hour for us 'mercans). he got to 148 kph (92mph- 'mercan) which is admirable considering how much stuff can go wrong in something like this. think about it- the rollers can fail, the tires can fail, the cranks can fail- alot of shit can go wrong! what made this more impressive is that he did this on basically a conversion... which makes sense considering a tight track geo would definitely hinder this performance. but then again, it's an old marinoni with some homebrewed mods. that's hella rad.



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