Monday, March 18, 2013

canadians speak french, if you forgot: I BIKE Le court métrage.

vince malo (dude at 3:08, in fact) of the starley rover society fixed gear club of montreal, canada sent this one over to me. i know some of my readers have a short attention span, but if you have the time to watch the full movie, i highly suggest so. i always find it interesting to see how fixed gear cycling has affected other regions of the world (regions that i will probably never see in my lifetime) and this sums up a good chunk of our northern brethren. yeah, in some spots this video becomes a perfect target for bike snob nyc, yet regardless of that it's really informative and uplifting.

thanks vincent for sending this one over!



bhsk said...

glad you said it and i didn't. usually i don't post anything with a mustache screaming "bikes are freedom, man"- and yeah, i know this is not representative but unfortunately the stuff that people make (video wise) is like this. not to put vince and his crew down, (and keep in mind i don't know how it is in montreal) but they're chronicling this stuff even if they're doing fixie skids and whatever. yes it's kind of lame but they're getting it together (or at least have an image of getting it together).

shit, maybe i've gottten soft.


Dave said...

vince & "his crew" are just that. this video is his crew, his friends, his bike shop affiliates. montreal is a bigger community made up of a lot more than select individuals that actual ride their bikes vs try to get their name attached to anything an everything to gain more "scene points". Its sad, a few months back they got a lot of backlash for attaching their names to a honda campaign, no one mentions that. sellouts is all these guys wil ever be.

fucking great cinematography though.

iSuck said...

Doesn't this just say it all? A jersey filled with logos to make themselves look important. Fact, iBike is NOT sponsored by 75% of these companies. They have received product yes, but none are an "official" sponsor.

More so, when HypeBeast posted the trailer, iBike was shit all over rightfully so by ther so called community they represent.