Monday, March 18, 2013

around the corner: 408fixieboyz team edit 1

Fixieboyz408 Team Edit 1 from Daniel Le on Vimeo.
so these are the homies that ride around where i live. this was only done with 3 days of filming. yeah dude, these guys just stack a lot of useable footy. daniel le is not only a great filmer, but he's a really god rider getting some good suicide no handers in. then there's watcha who needs no introduction- dude's last line was "spencer-esque". to round things out we have valentin "needs a sponsor" racho. my dude racho's been coming up and some people have finally answered my calls to  helping the dude out. he's crazy fuckin talented and we'll see more of him when the welcome edit comes out time is right.

damn, this makes me want to ride chaboya (a school down my street- it's actually the screencap for the edit).


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