Sunday, January 27, 2013

another reason why designers shouldn't mess with bikes: clarity bike

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so yeah this is photoshopped and this is just a concept, but i think you and i can make the call on how terrible this is. first, there's the fact that this will be composed of injection molded plastic polymer. a plastic polymer bike. really? can you imagine how flexy this would be? it's kind of a step backward. then there's the think where the designers forgot that there are areas that actually see friction and pressure. i can't imagine any good outcome if someone overtightens that bottom bracket. unless they utilize a press in bottom bracket. but torsional wear would eventually fuck that frame up. i don't see any kind of headset working. everything that's installed on the frame would have to be loose to some extent. looking at this, they put a belt drive- plastic polymer with a break in the seatstay equals NO BUENO. considering there's no brakes, the designer was probably thinking "fixies! fixies are cool, right?" well, if this has the potential to be a standard "fixie", then there's some CRAZY flex that will happen. not to mention the potential for the rear wheel to slam forward in a skid.

then there's the geo. oh god, the geo. have fun riding that thing because it's got so much trail to the point it's probably unrideable in the drops. yes, this geo was probably good in the 40's or so when they used pushrods instead of cables for brakes, but this is unacceptable in a contemporary setting.

designers, please.... don't try to reinvent the bike.


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