Monday, January 28, 2013

better than my stuff i tell ya whut: ratpack @ shredwell 2

Shredwell2 Jam in San Jose from Lucas Bockelmann on Vimeo.
lucas of the ratpack crew based out of richmond, VA made the trek down to our little hometown of san jose to enjoy some good weather and good vibes. while here, he caught the shredwell 2 premiere on his VX setup (let's be honest here, i'd rather run the vx than my fancypants gopro). he got some more footy and different angles than i did and even some stuff i missed while i was getting a burrito. by the way, i woke up the next morning with like.... 6 or 7 of those ratpack stickers in my pockets.... rad.

valentin racho needs a sponsor. he did a truck that wasn't a flyout. dude needs a sponsor.



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