Sunday, September 23, 2012

hypebeasty: state bicycle x the hundreds

THE HUNDREDS X STATE BICYCLE CO. from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.
(via state)
a long time ago when i was a little hypebeast kid, the hundreds was one of my favorite brands. i think it was their story- bobby dropped out of law school to start it up and i always saw that as crazy. then they kinda sold out and i resented that. i wouldn't touch that brand with a 30 foot pole. state bicycle, a company that i like, recently got together with the company to make a bike covered with hundreds imagery. looks kinda cool with the all over print... but then again you can do that with a ton of stickers (shoo, boy. that's what i'd do). you wouldnt get the super limited hold fast straps with the print on them though.. i'd take those things off and sell them a couple years down the road.

so if you're into that stuff, head over to state bicycle and check it out.


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