Tuesday, July 17, 2012

extremely relevant: bicycle fab's innertube suspension revealed

NAHBS 2012 Interview: Bicycle Fabrications from Dirt Rag Magazine on Vimeo.

so you may recall from my NAHBS coverage this photo of SF's bicycle fabrications' super secret innertube technology utilizing rear suspension. i'm no downhill expert and i have no clue what's going on as far as suspension is concerned, but after hanging with the dudes that whole weekend, i grew an appreciation for the magnitude of this particular suspension. today, they've uncovered what's under there...

(via dirt rag)
i'm very confident that this mean nothing to the lot of you, but to some people this is absolutely crazy. i've learned the significance of the 2d suspension as well as how hard it is to make a 2d that works well. these dudes at bicycle fabrications are awesome because THEY made it, not some big company like specialized or yeti. not only that, THEY MADE IT OUT OF STEEL. yeah, that ain't no beer can bike. you can ge the rundown at dirtrag!


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