Tuesday, July 17, 2012

salt lake local locals: FOAD interviewed by saltcycle

(via saltcycle)
looks like our fam out in utah has been getting some local attention. for the lot of us that are unfamiliar with the area, saltcycle is a community hellbent on promoting the cycling progress and culture of salt lake city, utah. evan and jackson got together with them to do a little informal interview:

"'So what does FOAD stand for? I assume it's an acronym, right?' I asked.

'Well, kinda,' replied Jackson. 'If you look it up online or on Urban Dictionary you might get a slightly more crude definition of the word. But really, it was the name of a gang at my dad's high school that beat him up one time. I just thought it was a neat sounding word.'

'So it doesn't mean anything?'

'Well,' Jackson said laughing, and glancing at Evan, 'We've come up with a few iterations of it, but I think our favorite is Feed Our Adorable Dolphins. Some others we have come up with in the last year are Flipping Off Albus Dumbledore, or, French Offspring and Dalmatians. But in the end, we like Feed our Adorable Dolphins the best.'

check the rest here, and a bunch of unused photos here!


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