Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i see what you did there: chrome free series, district & delta

(delta and district respectively via chrome)
it took me a while to comprehend the relevance of "free" in the nomenclature of this series until i got a look at the bags in action- "free" refers to fixed "free"style (how that got past me, i do not know). chrome already gave us a look into the delta bag when i posted about the collaboration with our fam at iminusd. to save some blog real estate, i'll talk about their other bag in the series since we've already covered the delta.

the district is the simple rolltop catered more for the FGFS crowd. it makes sense to me, because hauling a messenger from spot to spot isn't the most convenient thing and no one wants to look like a fakenger. the fact that is stands up sounds like a really small thing, but i find it a good feature to have especially if you hate having debris all over the back or front of your back from putting it down on stuff. the fact that it's comprised of cordura as well as the fact that it's a roll top means whatever you carry is not going to be prone to the elements. you can take a look at the district here.


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