Wednesday, July 11, 2012

computer sludge: sea town fix up III

Sea Town Fix Up #3 from ZLOG on Vimeo.
thank goodness someone dropped something that was longer than 4 minutes. apparently no one knew zach of zlog was filming for the STFU (man that's an awesome acronym) series until the end of the zlogcat event that happened a minute ago. everyone is in this. yes, everyone. we're talking about new stuff from chris clappe, and CSK ringleader jacob ruff; we're talking about tyler johnson on 20 inches and impressing the ladies; we're talking about kareem... on blades; we're talking about FOAD's jackson bradshaw and nelson bell; we're talking about zach busting keo bars on a modern FGFS bike (that's ridiculously hard); we're even talking about joe mckeag and steven jensen. watch this. please.


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