Thursday, July 12, 2012

hella kit fits: chrome coveted, 24/7 bigtime, the golden saddle, stanridge speed,

you know, a whole lotta jerseys have been whizzing by on my RSS reader and i went back and got a bunch of them to talk about. since i've been on that hype as of recently, i just wanted to go through of couple of them.

(via fixedfest)
i love the chrome coveted jersey. you want one? too bad. you can't have one. unless you earn one. i have last year's because ted shred said i deserved one for being the winner in trackstands competitons during series of contests pretty much every effing time. their newest one is less brash, yet more sophisticated with the modified chrome griffin on the back. this particular jersey goes to the winner of the criterium in fixed fest.

(via tracko)
this is another coveted jersey of sorts- actually it's THE coveted jersey of the golden saddle's granprix at the encino velodrome. i really cannot put my finger on why, but this really reminds me of a video game i used to playon dreamcast called crazy taxi. it also kind of looks like something straight from the 90's. that's kinda rad.

(via stanridge)
because of my newfound addiction to instagram (follow me at @bhsk_cogblog), i've been paying alot of attention to stanridge speed bikes. they make some really mean bikes, and now they're going to come out with a kit. i'm really liking these colors as well as the "winter sweater" pattern on the short sleeve jersey. check t out their store too!

(via 247bigtime)
this one is really cool- it comes from faz adhili's 24/7 bigtime. for those of you fortunate to be in jakarta, youll see a swarm of these jerseys representing. i'm a nerd, and that hourglass logo is a sign of frustration or anticipation. here, they flipped it into something meaningful. you can see the rest of the kit here!


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