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save the date: 2012 redbull ride & style

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i know i was talking about this one on the bhsk facebook page- i saw SKYLMT post it up with a date. even though i was sunburnt, exhausted, and cracked out on sugarfree 'bull for a couple days (because they ran out of water), i had fun with this one. mark your calendars for april 28th. you can see all my coverage from last year here (links are on that post). check the details after the jump.

"Event to Once Again Combine Fixed Gear Biking and Urban Contemporary Art

San Francisco, CA (February 8, 2012) — On April 28, San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza will once again serve as the setting for the collision of fixed gear biking and urban contemporary art known as Red Bull Ride + Style. After a highly successful inaugural kickoff in 2011, the event returns even bigger and better for 2012.

Red Bull Ride + Style features fixed gear riders facing off in both track and freestyle competitions, with the obstacles designed and decorated by local San Francisco artists. In 2011 the event brought together more than 50 riders from both coasts, including riders from fixed gear meccas San Francisco, Portland, New York, and even Japan.

The 2011 top ten finalists in both categories will be automatically invited back to this year’s event. While the remaining spots in freestyle will be invite-only, the race portion of the event will consist of a qualifying round the night before the main event. This will serve as an open invitation to all hopefuls to lay down their best time in order to qualify for the big show in Justin Herman Plaza on April 28.

This year’s racetrack is being designed with input from selected participants from the 2011 Red Bull Ride + Style event. Details will be released on the new track and freestyle course prior to the event, so riders can prepare themselves properly for the demands of event day. Another update with the full list of invited freestyle athletes and more information about the event will be released shortly.

Race Top Ten - Automatic Invitation
1. Jason Clary
2. Kell Mckenzie
3. Austin Horse
4. Walton Brush
5. Massan Fluker
6. Chas Christiansen
7. Jerome Stretch
8. Steve Tortorelli
9. Blake Von Knopka
10. Hernan Montenegro

Freestyle Top Ten -Automatic Invitation
1. Matt Reyes
2. Josh Boothby
3. Tyler Johnson
4. Jacob Santos
5. Nasty
6. Michael Chacon
7. Matt Montoya
8. Congo
9. Miles Mathia
10. Joe McKeag

For more information, please visit, find us on Facebook and on Twitter @redbullSFO / #rideNstyle

i know a lot of people are shaking fists, and yeah, i see where you guys are coming from. the invite only thing is a bummer to some. to be really upfront, FGFS and general fixed gear riding has changed DRASTICALLY since last year, and limiting the list to invite only is kind of elitist considering the immense amount of talent as of late. regardless of that, this should still be a great event and i really hope the mistakes of last year (ract track issues, time limit issues, overcrowding in the media section issues, and the water thing)  get resolved this year. you'll definitely find me in the middle if the madness, getting sunburnt and hyper off 'bull.


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