Tuesday, February 14, 2012

malaysia getting rad: wightset! with Shaiful Ridzlan

Wightset! - Shaiful Ridzlan from boy! you're fast on Vimeo.
saw this on lockedcog and i have to agree with kris- that's a bloody freeway, and mogwai jams are awesome. shaiful ridzlan is a rider for the malaysia based wightset! crew and i'm just gonna come out and say that south east asia is really pushing the fast bike thing. I LOVE IT. they're also really artistic in translation too; here's shaiful's description:

"We welcomes Shaiful Ridzlan to our Wightset Famil, a one fast heck of a rider and we think that he eat a dinosaur for dinner due to this high stamina, LOL! Anyone can try to beat him in a race, a sprint or a drag before you loses your balls. Good luck!"

that's funny and rad as hell. check out the imd sticker too! man, south east asia is really doing it big...


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