Sunday, April 23, 2017

#FIXIEREUNION2017: prickly syringe jam 2017

Prickly Syringe Jam AKA #fixiereunion2017 from BHSK_cogblog on Vimeo.
i had the weekend off and i had every intention to go down to monterey for the sea otter classic at laguna seca. but this came up and i made the executive decision (pretty much the night before) to ditch burning up and being caked in dirt in monterey, in order to head to 3rd and army in san francisco where it was overcast and ocean salty. i made the right decision. there were so meany heads out there that i havent seen in years and there was so much shit going on. now this is basically only the tip of the iceberg- i have a shit ton of photos i have to sift through tonight. anyway, shout out to mike and matt for making this happen and dudes like ramon and jball for putting up some prizes.

i'm fucking stoked how this came out by the way. holy hell....


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