Sunday, December 18, 2016

street fighter: cinelli tipo pista

(via citygrounds)
over the time i've been gone, ive seen a ridiculous amount of aluminum frame track bikes over saturate the market. i may sound like our future president, but there's too much crap out there that looks like good stuff but is really not worth the metal it's made from. this is a rant (ooh i see your knees shaking on the idea of jmik going on a loooooong rant about stuff) that i'll get to later on. there are little sure shots out there and you can't go wrong with a cinelli. the tipo pista is a great alternative to the cheap crap out there. with the emergence of criterium track bike racing and folks taking track bikes to the street, the angles of the tipo pista caters to that whole movement with a less extreme and more foregiving track geometry. with a starting price of $1035, it's not the most affordable aluminum street fighter out there, but it's definitely fitting in that middle ground right before full blown track build (especially considering the cinelli x mash runs in the $900's or so). you can get yours out at citygrounds now.


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