Saturday, December 17, 2016

brap brap brap: racing y raicilla with kyle warner

remember when i reintroduced myself and said there will be some different things that pop of from time to time? this is one of those times. this really is not out of left field, however- kyle and i go back. we actually worked at the same bike shop in chico. his life has gone on an intense journey through the north american enduro tour. he's been with marin bikes for a while and this past year he hung up his attack trail for a hawk hill. for those who don't speak mountain bike, some would consider it a downgrade of sorts, pinning a 120mm platform against the competition that runs 150mm.

and he won that shit. for a third time. it comes to show that it doesn't matter what frame you're on, you can slay it as long as you're a badass. mr. warner is a badass.


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