Friday, January 24, 2014

i feel old: 209cogs BS and extras

209COGS BS & Extras from Tommy Mao on Vimeo.
shit man, i've known these kids for a long ass time. i remember when they were grubby high school dudes (well dome of them still are but regardless of that, i feel old as fuck). the stockton crew  is full of crazy talented dudes: tommy mao, james deleon (bhsk fam AND VAPE KING), jordan and james madarang, alex nunez, #dawsonphanisafoodblognow and alex gonzalez AKA yungfixie all get down on this. shit man, i havent seen a clip of alex nunez for a minute. what was that? a 1440 by yungfixie? oh! and jordan madarang with that nasty-esque slider. dudes kill it.


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