Thursday, November 7, 2013

fast bike friday: manila fixed gear doc

Manila Fixed Gear Scene: A Documentary from Noah Loyola on Vimeo.
it's not quite friday, but i want to get all this posting done before i go out and get hammered. i have much love for the pamilya out in the philippines. unlike the scenes in indonesia and thailand, you'll seldom see footage from the native chain of islands. i can tell you first hand, THOSE STREETS OUT THERE ARE SKETCHY AS FUCK. everyone wants to run you over so hats off to my dudes who can handle it. i dont speak tagalog, but i picked up on some things- you dont have to know the language to feel a vibe.

oh and that dude who was pulling skids in the tsinelas (thongs, slippers, sandals, whateber you call them)....  so good.


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