Tuesday, August 6, 2013

too much rad, i can't handle it: this dude at that kanzai track festival

(via kikuzo)
i dont know how i ended up on kikuzo's flickr, but i sure am glad i did becuase when i grow up i want to be this badass right here. no, not the dude on the full carbon get up, the dude with the full on tribe called quest speed suit. it doesnt stop there. he's running what appears to be a full NJS setup. it doesnt stop there. wait is that an OG adjustable stem? it doesnt stop there. GAAAAAH DAMN THIS GUY IS ROCKIN THE SIX HUNNID FITTY DOLLAH PHIL WOOD TRACK CRANK GAAAAAAAHHHH DAMN. what. the. fuck. man. anyway, go check out kikuzo's flikr for some rad track action.


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