Friday, July 19, 2013

willy wonka type stuff: super galactic cycling squad

(via SGCS)
here's the lowdown, jack: the SGCS familia is going to make their way out to NYC later this year. they want to take you there with them in their spacecraft to fight off crime in the big city. well at least that's what i hope they want you to do. here's what you gotta do: preorder the kit august 1st over at the league of cycling justice their website. when your superhero suit kit arrives, check if you have the golden ticket.

you get to go to nyc with the crew. you get a cold hunna. you get SGCS x godandfamous super exclusive collabo type stuff. you get superpowers like the ability to fly and heat vision and shit. okay you wont get that, but you will be a badass.

you will be a badass.


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