Monday, April 29, 2013

a little bit of rant: red bull ride & style last minute qualifier goldsprints

Red Bull Ride&Style Qualifier:Gold Sprints from Saytaro Devour on Vimeo.
to say i was bummed out i couldnt make it to this was an damn understatement. i literally found out the day before through my homie and BHSK fam alex g through instagram about this. low and behold, it was scheduled at 3pm last saturday- 2 hours before i got off work. i have a bone to pick with this. shout out to alex for qualifying 3rd, and to saytaro for getting some footy. rant time after the jump?

here's why i have a problem with this. the official qualification was in arizona- now i had a problem with that because it was SOOOOOOO far from where the ride n style event would be held. i was expecting the same deal as last time (which worked pretty well) where the minidrome was set up the night before. this was the last minute qualification for the track portion.... goldsprints. um.... last time i checked, blowing out on a stationary vehicle was TOTALLY A GREAT WAY TO GAUGE OUT GREAT RIDERS. that's like saying a drag racing car can do well on a track just because of horsepower.

this "last chance" qualification was announced on the 25th and took place on the 27th. i'm not just saying this for me, i'm also saying this on behalf of my LA fam and folks from all around who intended to come and try out- that's not enough time for the out of towners to plan out something to get here. so now, my so cal homies and a bunch of other people are deliberately left out to spectate.

this was at 3pm on a saturday. a good amount of people had an issue with that. even the people who lived in the bay area had issues with this. i mean jeez- with a last minute, last chance thing- you would expect this event to be inclusive. some folks have dayjobs on the weekend yo.

yeah, i'm bitter about not being able to come out to this- i honestly wanted to participate actually. shit happens, people are left out, things dont always go as planned. i just wish redbull gave more of a heads up for those folks out of town. i'm more frustrated at that than i am with my situation. it kinda blows.

i'm still going this weekend, though. hahaha


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