Saturday, March 30, 2013

woah black betty, blamsterdam: adam amsterdam alleycat

Fixerati & Pristine - Adam Amsterdam Alleycat from Frank van der Sman on Vimeo.
i think i've spoken my piece about this whole opel adam x fixerati thing. if you don't know how i feel about this, then clicky clicky here. i'm not gona sugar coat it, that's not who i am. the bike that was produced out of the project is a repainted fuji track pro, plain and simple. despite this fact (and that's what it is, fact) the dudes who were in charge of this deal put on an alleycat to see who would get the setup. not going to lie, i'd love to have the setup even though i know in my heart, it's a damn FTP. it's got a mavic io (painted, meh), a concor seat (white, meh) and omniums (good thing they come in black).

you would've raced too for that bike. shut up.


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