Monday, December 10, 2012

meanwhile in belgium: fixerati x opel's "adam fix" documentary series

The ADAM Fix - Episode 8: The Reveal from LDV United on Vimeo.
so here's the part where you say "oh, it's a collaboration between 2 companies, i bet you jmik hates the shit out of it." well this time... is like almost every other time. i hate it. i'm going to get a little repetitive because i'm going to probably use the same template for all the collaborations i dislike. the fixerati is a great shop based out of belgium. opel is a german car company owned by general motors. they made one of my favorite cars in gran turismo 2, the tigra ice race car. now, opel is coming out with a new car called the "adam" and it's ugly as shit and it's marketed towards a certain demographic. opel and fixerati teamed up with unik (i'm not sure if it's pronounced like "unique" or "eunich") bikes to make the adam fixed gear bike.

The ADAM Fix - Episode 6: Test drive from LDV United on Vimeo.
now, i caught on pretty quickly because the shape of the bike looked really familiar. oh yeah, i have one of these sitting my my garage. IT'S A DAMN FUJI TRACK 1.0. really? you couldn't make a damn bike so you just repaint one and slap wasted mavic io and call it a day? not only that, they managed to make the already questionable 2013 fuji track 1.0's paintjob worse with the dog vomit yellow and white.

i'm okay with what they did in terms of events and stuff, but the fact that this is simply a waste of a fuji track 1.0 as well as a perfectly good mavic io makes me kinda sad for the damn bike. if you want to see how this thing made it's way to sadness watch all the episodes. (by the way, the last one is eerily like a funeral procession if you watch it)

Episode 1 The Briefing:
Episode 2 Inspiration:
Episode 3 Alte Schüle:
Episode 4 The Frame:
Episode 5 The Components:
Episode 6 Test Drive:
Episode 7 Paint Job:
Episode 8 The Reveal:


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