Tuesday, March 26, 2013

now for something completely better: bikeminimalism visits shock therapy for a tonic fab build

Bikeminimalism visits: SHOCK THERAPY - Tonic Fabrication build from Bikeminimalism. on Vimeo.
there's no substitute for having a frame built by a framebuilder. portland's tonic fab is not only a frabebuilder, they're fucking artisans at their craft. our friends at bikeminimalism got to see a tonic fab supernaut build at their LBS, shock therapy. this has to be one of the most droolworthy bikes ever assembled. from the superflush headset, to the custom rethreaded phil wood spokes, to the HIDDEN NIPPLES FOR THE SPOKES, to the 44rn chainring on sram omniums with white industries pedals.... this thing is an overkill of a dream bike and i fuckin love it. you can actually se some more of this beast of a bike over at bikeminimalism.


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