Monday, March 25, 2013

blazing trails: state bicycle co. undefeated track bike

State Bicycle Co. - Undefeated from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

let's be completely honest here- there are alot of shitty cookie cutter "fixie" companies out there. state is a little different because they really keep an eye one what's going on in the fixed gear world.  hell, craig of their cycling team took first at wolfpack hustle. that should say something. anyway, they're ramping up to release their newest addition to the stable: the undefeated (well that's mighty bold). it's hard to please my sorry ass but damn- a carbon forked, 7005 aluminum steed (kind of a step above your usual 6061) that comes with SRAM omniums STOCK is o-fuckin-kay in my book.

the complete will set you back $945 USD, the frameset will set you back $549 and the frame alone goes for $369. pretty resonable for what it is. you can get the whole rundown here.


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