Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i'll take it: BHSK & familia mob the bikeminimalism awards.

(chas by dylan bigby via bikeminimalism)
so a while back, bikeminimalism put up a "riders choice" kind of awards thingy. i found that in the beginning, there were a few things missing from the ballot- i pushed kenny arimoto for the fixie famous category and i pushed destroy bikes into the entrepreneur category. now, knowing my competish, i did not expect crack top 10. i'm a fucking terrible blog. and i had to go against prolls, ttv, zlog, lockedcog, pedal consumption, tracko, urbanvelo, the 5th floor- fuck man, i don't even remember how many others were on that ballot for "the blog" category. 150,000 votes later the results are in.

1)Trimble Race Event (Red Hook Crit)
2)Portland Design Works
3)Destroy Bikes
4)Stanridge Speed
5)LOW Bicycles

1)Chas from MASH
2)John ”Prolly” Watson
3)Kenny Arimoto
5)Ippe/Tom LaMarche

the blog:
1)Prolly is Not Probably
2)Pedal Consumption
3)Urban Velo
4)Trackosaurus Rex
5)Bomb Hills, Speed Kills

me and the fam all broke top 5. hell, kenny and destroy broke top 3. i'm a terrible fuckin blog and i dont belong there, but i'll take it. thank you to all who participated and voted.


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