Friday, March 15, 2013

dear stuttgart fixed gear: hill army patches

(via SFG)
the following is an open letter to the folks at stuttgart fixed gear.

dear stuttgart fixed gear,
it has come to my attention (via pedal consumption) that these patches exist. first of all, i'm a man of many interests and this caters to a good fucking heap of them. first off i'm a lover of hills, hence the name "bomb hills, speed kills". now if the name "hill army" implies climbing said hills, then you should also know i'm a fan of doing so as well- you cant go down if you haven't gone up, yes? i love patches. it's a strange obsession but i do love me some patches. then there's the fact that this is kiss related. i'm not sure if a good amount of my generation would know who the hell kiss is, but i sure as hell do. so what's my problem here? i realize these patches are earned through your sunday rides. unfortunately i'm located in california, a state in the US of A- really really far away from stuttgart. my heart LITERALLY ACHES (okay well that's way too dramatic) because i want this thing SO BADLY. in conclusion, i'm very sad that i will probably never have this in my possession.

i'm SO SAD right now.



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