Tuesday, February 5, 2013

but i won't do that: why all city won't put model names on their bikes

(via allcity)
minneapolis based all city is a great bike company that's been providing for the fixed gear community for ages but there's one thing that's poking everyone's brains. see, if you haven't noticed it, all of the all city bikes have radical names (i.e. space horse, macho man, nature boy, air wolf) but no where are those names seen on these frames.... if you click on this link, jeff explains why.

here's an excerpt:
"3. We'd probably have to name our bikes not stupid things
Now I love the names of our bicycles, they are dear to my heart, but they're also kind of stupid and ridiculous, which is just the way we want them. If we actually put a name on our top tube, we'd probably have to be a lot more conventional with what we called things. Fuck that.

if your company head can't say "fuck" in public, maybe you should reconsider where your bike comes from. right on jeff!


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