Tuesday, November 6, 2012

regional: apis jyeah interview by 24/7 bigtime

(via 24/7 bigtime)
one of my favorite regional blogs has to be 24/7 bigtime out of malaysia. southeast asia is a hotbed for fixed gear right now and it's really cool to see how much riders there have become so dedicated for the sport. 24/7 did a little interview with apis jyeah, a malaysian rider who found his way onto the colossi team.

"What do you thing about Malaysian fixed gear scene at the moment?
To be honest,it seems that the scene now days are getting more interesting here in Malaysia. There’s more and more fixed gear event that been held. As example the Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament (KLIFGT) come to its 2nd time this year. For me it is the biggest event for fixed gear scene in Malaysia. I’m would be glad that people around the world now will recognise us here."

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