Thursday, November 29, 2012

i post what i want: keep it local tour, shadow in deutschland

Keep it Local Tour - Shadow in Deutschland from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.
hey! what's a bmx edit doing here? screw you dude, i'll post what i want and this shit is electric. simone barraco is tits in this. :25 to 1:53- that's how long his part is. that's like half the damn edit. then lasaan kobza comes in and you think, "well damn, simone fucked shit up, how you gonna top tha-" POW! BIGASS TBOG DROP. then you're like "well fuck me, that's gott be the end of the-" then bjorn hits a 180 bar over the rail. "okay so you can't possibly surpass tha-" paul ryan bars the drop lasaan did the tbog on. it's a bloody good edit.


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