Thursday, November 29, 2012

the best thing: "bore the boar" sean coats for balhogs

'Bore The Boar' Sean Coats Balhogs 2k12 from Balhogs on Vimeo.
alot of people used to give sean coats shit (remember when he used to ride a gorilla?), but i know that dude is on of those guys who can do whatever the hell he wants and still keep things real. i mean i'm sure he's caught some flack for that seat post, but he's sean mother fucking coats- you're not doing half the shit he attempts. that quick feeble 180 at :36, the threaded gap thing at :45, footplant fire cracker thing at :54, the gap at 1:15, footplants off everything- it's all his style.

fuck yeah balhogs.


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