Wednesday, October 24, 2012

all point bulletin: SUPPORT CHUEY BRAND

(via mash sf)
mash sf put out this message for everyone and i need to share it because i've been a supporter of chuey brand ever since i've heard of them (i have 2 or three hats made by them somewhere in the BHSK HQ).

"We are receiving late news that our friend Kachusha Munkanita is in need of legal support. He is one of the most peaceful people we have met, so when a story was published about his arrest, the bike community took notice. In short, he was arrested for watching 3 young people being arrested in the Mission, and wanting advocate for their saftey.

The least we can do is help gather resources for when he needs them. We are offering our Histogram Cap, with 100% of the profit (about $7 each) going to help support legal fees Chuey will incur.

Help support this local hero in the simplest form, and Get a cap. Once an additional fund raising event has been organized, we will post it here.

We will update you once we know more.

Photo: Takashi

chuey brand makes THE BEST HAT and it's unfortunate what kachusha is going through. so please buy a hat and let's help a dude out!


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