Sunday, October 21, 2012

48 year hiatus: aino miho and women's keirin

(via tokyofixed)
tokyo fixed shared this on their blog and i thought i should post it up too since it's the golden age of japanese keirin nowadays. aino miho, one of the few professional women's keirin riders shared the link to her tumblr site ( with the tokyo fixed guys- if you didn't know (well a lot of people dont know this) professional women's keirin in japan has essentially been nonexistent for 48 years. you would think a country with such a rich history of keirin wouldn't be so uptight about it. this past july was the first event for women's keirin and apparently it brought in record crowds. i personally think it's not because men are pigs and want to see ladies duke it out, i think it's great because the bikes aren't SUPER NJS'd out. i mean NJS bikes are great, but these bikes are alot more intense (bridgestone anchors FTW). it's a pretty interesting topic and you should keep up with aino as she goes through her professional career in keirin.


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