Saturday, September 8, 2012

you might as well give up: an august of Joe Mckeag

An August of Joe McKeag from MoN on Vimeo.
ramon antonio is pushing them out like rapidfire nowadays, and a good amount of his stuff profiles other riders. this one is of everyone's favorite premium rush superfan, joe mckeag (if you didn't get that one, then you might be under a rock). all of these lines and tricks are things that joe mckeag can do. oh, you can do them, but they will probably not look like the way that joe does them. never mind that he's doing 3's and trucks- let's break down a line that probably went by you way too fast. at :53 he does a 180 up a downward facing block, 180's off, then immediately drops down in a barspin. it may not seem much to you but you have to go back and think about PEDAL TIMING- it goes by so fast and fluid, it's crazy. then there's the tbog bar, the bar catch bar, the disaster 3 (one of my favorites in this), and the ET 3.

this is what you should be doing kids.


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