Saturday, September 8, 2012

working models: denis bejtic and jordan alatorre for concept bikes

Concept Welcomes Jordan Alatorre to the Team from Jordan Alatorre on Vimeo.
canada based concept has really been pushing forward with getting some riders on their bikes. first off we have so cal's jordan alatorre.

Denis Bejtic -- Concept Bikes from RAT SHIT // on Vimeo.
then we have rat shit's denis bejtic. both take essentially the same bike but have two totally different styles. jordan's got that smooth and collected style whereas our buddy dennis is fast and balls to the wall. either way you have it, the concept frame is looking mighty nice.



Jordan Alatorre said...

thanks bro

-jordan alatorre

bhsk said...

jordan you're a killer! congrats on being picked up and keep that hustle going!