Monday, September 24, 2012

homies with homies: jeffy d interviewed by pedal consumption

(via pedal consumption)
jason finn of pedal consumption caught up with one of our homies, jeffy d of imd and destroy, to get a little interview going. here's a little excerpt:

"[Where do you find your influence to your style?]
I used to ride downhill mountain bikes so I always loved jumping as far and as high as I could, so I always like to try mix that in. I like being in the air. But then again, I also like a lot of other peoples tech style... like Slum has every single tech trick on lock as far as wheelie 180s to this to that to manual to this to grind to everything. I like tech stuff, but really like big airs. Ive been getting into rails recently now that I can hop high again.

get the whole run down at pedal consumption!


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