Monday, August 13, 2012

camera angles: the north race interviews lucas brunelle

(via the north race)
hot off the heels of the line of sight DVD release, the new UK base blog "the north race" got a chance to talk to filmer and creator lucas brunelle about the project and other topics. the north race has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to frequent, and this is a really good read. here's an excerpt:

"You have a very daredevil riding approach to riding, quite refreshing in a world of rules and structure. Where do you think this comes from?

Thank you and fuck the rules. The rules and structure was made for idiotic reasons such as people doing dumb things, insurance companies lobbying for more rules, and a consensus in a homogenized society that we need rules to be decent and safe. Also my parents were hippies and I always saw them question things nobody else had the guts to question.

check it out!


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