Sunday, July 15, 2012

sharp dressed dude: bradley wiggins x fred perry, the foot down interview

(via tfd)
if you don't pay attention to le tour, then let me tell you that bradley wiggins is leading the massacre. yes, bradley wiggins. the sideburned track guy. he's currently got a 2 minute lead or so, but the mountains are coming- who knows? ty from the footdown UK posted up a collaboration between fashion moguls fred perry and mr. wiggins. there's also a great interview from the man himself! here's an excerpt:

"...when are you going to get a hair cut?
Just now, I’ve just had one (for the photo shoot), haha. I find it fascinating that people find my hair fascinating, haha, half the reason why I don’t cut it is because you’re not supposed to have long hair when you’re riding a bike. I’ve always been a bit of a non-conformist, I’m a bit of an anarchist at heart

go read it NOW. let's hope he keeps this momentum going. i know cavendish is his teammate, but he can suck it.


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