Saturday, July 23, 2011

a little break: BHSK in the chrome bags contest.

i had this crazy idea that i could win the chrome bags contest for their niko bag. so i entered an old photo i took of  the place where i call home most of the time- chico, ca. last time i checked the photo that was winning had around 166 likes. i want to murder that and try to get pretty much everyone who follows the blog to like my photo.

so step one, like chrome bags on facebook.

step two, like this photo.

and if you can, get your friends to like this photo. and your friends friends. you say your uncle's dog has a facebook? get the dog to like it.



corinnne said...

awesome pic, j! thanks for trying. :)

bhsk said...

thanks corrine! i'll probably end up buying a niko later next month anyway, but hey i tried! =P