Thursday, April 7, 2011

redbull ride & style site up!

(via john prolly)
the day before my event, i'll be down in san francisco for the redbull ride & style. why will this event rock? 1)hate it or love it, san francisco was the epicenter of fixed gear riding when it blew up 2) the riders list is insane, including people from japan with all their steez 3) race=epic hill bombing. 4) it's redbull. 5) i think it'll be the only time i'll ever meet john prolly... and the interetz will essplode. hahaha!

totally wearing my prolly black metal shirt right now... and i think i will on that day too. catch me either with the imd guys or with the destroy guys, and i'll see you there!

oh and check out the site here!


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