Thursday, April 7, 2011

intensely intense: this is what fast looks like

saw this in fyxomatosis, and i want to share this with you. HO-LY WTF. this guy would be the ringer at every goldsprint ever- he'll probably warm up and obliterate the competion and come back with a 257 rpm run in the end. this is NUTS. DUMMY fast. HELLA fast.
"I'd heard a rumour as one often does in cycling that Gary Neiwand held the record for RPM at the AIS. 300 rpm with no chain. I just didn't think that was humanly possible and figured that over time, the fish that was a foot long had become as big as the boat. This is what 260rpm looks like - add another 40 in over a minute and you've got rendonkulously fast."

wow. just wow.


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