Tuesday, January 25, 2011

700c is the place to be: bb17 charmer 700c

(via bb17)
with everyone going googly-eyed over the 26" version, the dudes at bb17 pulled a fast one on us and released photos of their 700c version while i was posting up about the 26" version. like it's smaller brother, the 700c charmer has reinforced and crimped chainstays allowing for a 54c tire to fit (or 29 x HUGE tire). in addition to that, there's also a heat treated seat tube (in fact, the whole rear triangle is heat treated) which dons a cutout for even more clearance. bb17 is looking out for everyone huh?



keyzerjf said...

is it just me or is that bottom bracket huge?

Sungwoo said...

Mid BB 73mm shell :)

J.mika'ele said...

and if you didnt know jon, that's a bmx size. all those dudes with leader mordecai's in town have that size bottom bracket. stop jordan if you see him around and you'll see it.