Wednesday, January 26, 2011

imagery: tokyo fixed x topsafe stickers

(via TFG)
i'm an addict to stickers and i'm really diggin the new tokyo fixed joints.

"Creative agency & online gallery Topsafe have teamed up with leading bike
outlet Tokyo Fixed, for the first in an ongoing collaboration.
Some of Topsafe's leading artists and designers created original headbadge
designs for Tokyo Fixed's customers headtubes.
The collaboration came about from a number of the artists on Topsafe's
roster involvement in fixed gear culture and Tokyo Fixed's desire to work
with artists who embody their brand on a daily basis and not just carry on
in the vein of many other bike companies who just apply art to bike
products with no real correlation.

The sticker packs feature work from Horfe, Emilski (X2), Roid, Hey Gee!,
Pref & Jamie Brown. The Red Emilski, Roid & Horfe stickers are soon to be
available as limited edition t-shirts. Please keep a look out for future
collaborations from these 2 young, London brands in the future.
Topsafe London is a creative agency that represents some of the leading
figures from the world's underground graffiti community.
You can learn more about them at

i really like the wooden slipper pedal one and the logos that run reminton font. check it out.


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