Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sf bike expo pt IV: Battle at the Palace, Pros

it's tuesday. and i'm just getting my pics up. the pros consisted of Jakob Santos, Joshua "Squeeks" Boothby, Corey San Augustin, ~@Brad Parker, Scott Horton, and Matt "Slumworm" Reyes.

before the storm:


barspin transfer


360 this is the one where he came down and his tube exploded.

180 bar


hip transfer

euro gap whip

eurogap whip

hop up transfer





Scott Horton



step up

garage door tap

wish this one came out clearer, but i couldnt not share it... epic x-up.

Jakob Santos

180 transfer

hip transfer

jersey barrier grind

180 transfer

BANGER. euro gap grind

jersey barrier tap

180 transfer

180 drop

180 euro gap

180 euro gap

the only picture of corey san augustin that i got. sorry corey. but still, it's a banger.

180 to flat

~@Brad Parker

euro gap

hip transfer

euro gap barspin

congrats and farewell to Jakob Santos who won the event and is moving down to so cal. this concludes my coverage of the sf bike expo, i had a great time and i'm hella down to come back next year. i was great meeting some of you guys and seeing some of you dudes again. thanks rideSFO for putting on a great event, areacycles for putting on the contest, squeeks for holding it, and whoever on the sf bike expo team thought it would be a good idea to give me a media pass. and thanks to my dad for hauling me there and my family for coming out.


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