Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's like some shit out of tron: vagx x exelite lumisac

see, for some reason, this reminds me of A) marty mc fly's neakers in back to the future part II, or B) TRON (which i'm really hyped to see come out next month). excelite is a company which specializes in electro-luminescent tech. on an interesting note, if you have ever watched the 24 hours at le mans, you may have seen this stuff before. vagx is well... vagx. their bags are killer. back to the matter at hand- this seems really promising. knog frogs can only go so far... with a glowing band of light, not only does that cover the visibility aspect, but the distance aspect as well (imagine comparing approaching a tiny led light over approaching a band of light). yeah, to some it might be a little cheesy in a 80's futuristic sense, but i think this is pretty cool.

like i said, it's like tron and marty's nikes man....


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