Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sf bike expo pt III: Battle at the Palace, Ams

i'm lagging like hell. people are waiting for these pics to surface. well here it is. if you were there, i was that idiot in an aloha fixed shirt running around with his pants falling down and his keys jingling all over the place that almost got plowed by all the riders in the pro comp. yeah. it was hard finding the bmx/fixed park since it was tucked behind the AT showdown area, i almost missed the am comp. i couldnt miss that shit because i had to go out and support the homeboy nikko (who got second or something and has been pushing me to finish photoshopping all his pics, sorry for the intense lag man).

the comp was held by areacycles and was hosted by none other than squeeks (boothby) who also participated in the bmx comp too. impressive.

Am comp (forgive me, i only know 3 of your guys' names):

euro gap

nikko, one footed peg wheelie

donghoh, slider. donghoh is riding for unknown bikes now, so look out for some new shit.

euro gap tuck

dawson, double peg grind. that rail his higher and sketchier than it looks...


nikko, 180 bar

nikko, euro gap

donghoh, chainstay slider

this is hands down one of my favorite snaps. notice that dude about to eat shit in the background (he did). he is soooo off.

i just now decided to cut this off right here because i just realized i have hella pics of the pro comp...

Next up: Battle at the Palace, Pros


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