Monday, October 4, 2010

another one moves to 26": juliet's scissor v2

i know i've said my peace about 26" and both wheel sizes have their own disadvantages and advantages. juliet elliot made the move to 26 fixed and left hand drive (you know that the latter means....) and she has a little more insight to the debate.

"There were a couple of reasons for it – one of the main arguments ‘for’
being that my bike is rather big for me but doesn’t come in a smaller
size. I figured that as I’m smallish, smaller wheels and a smaller set
up would give me more manoeuverability and I’d be able to bunny hop
higher. I’d also have more clearance.... I thought it felt good and it’s definitely easier to pop my hops. One
downside is that I’ve decided I now want to build up a nice fast bike
with drops as a complete contrast to this trick bike with small wheels
and a spinny gearing



Anonymous said...

I love 26's but honestly that bike looks like shit

J.mika'ele said...

well, you have to understand that there really isnt a frame that accomodates 26" properly that's on the market right now aside from the grime joint (and maybe the nem-pro). it looks funny, because that's not the way it was intended to be. adding to that, not many fixed freestyle frame builders (especially the main ones like volume, Milwaukee, charge, leader, blah blah blah) are doing much in terms of thinking about having a frame that runs on 26" aside from the upcoming specialized (which... isnt one of those man fixed freestyle bike companies. go figure).

just wait till everyone wises up to 26"- we'll all be on 20" fixed or on hoverboards by then.